ICC / DRBF Regional Conference: Practical Issues in Construction Dispute Resolution and Dispute Avoidance

Member of CZIPRA and partner at ROWAN LEGAL Miloš Olík was one of the speakers on the conference organized by ICC/DBRF in Sofia, Bulgaria on 27th and 28th September 2018. He spoke about the enforcement of arbitration awards, both national and foreign, in the Czech Republic. And also about the treatment of DAB decisions and their usage in the Czech Republic.

More about the conference: https://iccwbo.org/event/icc-drbf-regional-conference-practical-issues-construction-dispute-resolution-dispute-avoidance/#1479467112259-d5b2b420-b616aba1-b1becc7e-5a0dece0-8b5e4357-bde48474-13102672-c033

More about Miloš Olík: http://www.rowanlegal.com/en/team/partners/milos-olik/